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Before anything else, the wonderful Tiffany Munro spontaneously sent me this art, thinking that I might find it useful right now, which GOD, YES IT IS, THANK YOU SO MUCH! For those of you who don't remember, Ti has helped me out before, when she did the fab art for the story Self-Storage, so I was free to deal with Babies.

So, yeah. Things have been a little quiet around here, haven't they? Sorry about that.

The news is that healing a hip takes flipping forever! I'm still kinda on the go from morning until evening every day, to stay on top of everything. Then, I spend maybe an hour doing something brainless before collapsing into bed – except for those nights when I say 'screw it all', and stay up until past midnight reading webcomics or watching crap on Youtube, and then wake up the next morning with Regrets (and nostalgic memories the days when midnight was early, and going on a drunken bender involved actually getting drunk).

The point being that there is very little time in this schedule for creativity. I miss it a lot, and I've managed to do a little bit of work here and there, but nothing meaningful – by the time it gets to the evening, I just don't have the brain for it. So, it's just a case of carrying on until we all get out the other side of this.

Thanks for your messages, I have been reading them! And I do have an idea for something I might try which doesn't involve much creatively, but I've been meaning to do for a long time. Hopefully I'll be able to post about that next time, but we'll see.

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