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This weeks guest art is by Darwin! It is very silly and I love it - I mean, the dragon even has a pen nib nose, that's the kind of attention to detail that I really appreciate XD

Please check out Darwin's ... entire comic collection at Darwin Comics. I still struggle to wrap my head around how she manages to do so much and draw extra art as well!
Her two current projects are:
The Only Half Saga about a post-apocalyptic world where vampires are out in the open. The current arc is a tense mystery, where Cabal and Miranda's lives depend on finding and defeating the enemy who attacked a powerful vampire - it's just too bad everyone assumes they did it.
Michael which follows a mutant struggling to make it through his teenage years in an all-human high school ... it was all going pretty well until Michael's sharkmue genes really started to show themselves.
Darwin is a great story teller, with many intriguing characters to follow - I love the way she leads us through all kinds of unexpected twists and turns in their lives.

#3 Book Progress Update!

I got through a whole bunch of pages in the past two weeks! The actual job has been pretty tedious, but it felt so good to actually make a serious dent in the amount of work I need to do. The book file has 149 pages in it now! :O

Current status on adjustment of pages is:
* Kill the Romance - 100%
* After Death Hang-Ups - 100%
* The Birds - 100%
* In At the Deep End - 100%
* A Small Gift from Leicester - 100%
* Pest Control - 100%
* In the Cabbages - 100%
* 'Julie' - 100%
* Catfood - 20%
* Keep Digging - 0%

I'm going to try my best to push through and get the rest of the comic pages print-ready in the next couple of weeks - though it's possible I'm underestimating the length of time 'Keep Digging' is going to take me, seeing as it's fully three times as long as the other stories I've just finished up XD Fingers crossed!

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